Vienna,Saturday,13.10.2012@Griechenbeisl,7.30pm|Viennese Songs, Operetta!!

Griechenbeisl, Wien, Alessandro Cipriano, Wienerlied, Operette

Griechenbeisl, Wien, Alessandro Cipriano, Wienerlied, Operette

Alessandro Cipriano, back in Vienna, Il Tenore di Grazia

News by Karel Tompich (Vienna) Sissi Fans International

Vienna, Saturday, 13.10.2012@Griechenbeisl,7.30pm|Viennese Songs, Operetta!!

or Sunday 14.10.2012@Zwölf Apostelkeller, around 7.30pm, more information further down.

Vienna his love and home, the city where he studied with KS Ruthilde Boesch. A singer who sings from his heart and soul. The one who wrote the lyrics to the Sissi Trilogy, Movies, Wenn die Maske Fällt. (When the mask is dropped), written, sung and recited by Alessandro Cipriano.

For all his friends and fans in Vienna or the ones who visit, he will be at the Griechenbeisl, (Zitherstüberln) Saturday evening, 13.10.2012 dinner time, around 7.30pm and you might hear him sing if you are there, Viennese songs and Operetta:) his friend and colleague from Alessandro’s Ensemble „Wiener Schmankerl“ Hans Haslinger playing the (Zither). Make sure to reserve your table in advance, it’s a well-known place. Mrs. Wagner will be pleased:)

Address: Griechenbeisl, Fleischmarkt 11, A-1010 Wien, Phone. +43-1-5331977 (Zitherstüberln)

Between: Schwedenplatz and Stephansplatz!

The Griechenbeisl (The Greek Inn) is one of Vienna’s oldest inns. Artists, scholars and politicians would congregate in the Griechenbeisl to eat, drink, debate and reflect – often into the early hours. From the world famous balladeer ‘Der lieber Augustin’ to later figures of the stature of Beethoven, Schubert, Wagner, Strauss, Brahms, the painters Waldmüller and Schwind, the opera singer Schaljapin, writers Mark Twain, Grillparzer and Nestroy, and political personalities such as Karl Lueger and Graf Zeppelin have all appreciated its traditional Viennese cuisine and creature comforts. The framed autographs on the walls of the famous Mark Twain room ensure that their presence lives on here.Both the Viennese and visitors to the city continue to meet here to enjoy a meal, a few drinks and live music. In summer or winter, al fresco or inside its cosy vaulted rooms, at the Griechenbeisl you can experience a true taste of Vienna.

Or on Sunday at the Zwölf Apostelkeller! around 7.30pm,
Address: Sonnenfelsgasse 3, 1010-Vienna | Im oberen Keller (upper Cellar)

Phone ++43/1/512-67-77
Music with Violin and Accordion-Viennese Songs, Operetta etc.

The „Twelve-apostle’s cellar “ A piece of Viennese tradition. A meeting place for young and old.

In the historical ambiance from the year 1339 you can enjoy the variety of our original Viennese kitchen after old prescriptions and you can be enchanted by our select wines.

You are accompanied by our wine bar musicians at candle-light and they will provide an earthy and unforgettable mood.

From the romantic Candlelight dinner for two up to closed arrangements for 390 persons we fulfil all wishes.

Daily open from 11.00 to 24.00 o’clock

(daily original wine bar music from 19.00 o’clock)

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